Photo Prayer 2023-03 -- The Best Words

My wife’s dog waits at the front gate, her gaze fixed on the empty driveway, intently watching for the joyous moment when her mistress will return. Unlike her dog, my wife’s husband exhibits no such display of longing and devotion. He is not kneeling in prayer, again and again exhorting God to keep her safe and to bring her home swiftly. Confident in her return in her own good time, he goes about his business and pleasure. Their last words to each other were “I love you.” If something does happen to rip them asunder — as someday it must — these are the best words. They bridge all separations and divisions.

Photo the author’s wife’s dog waiting.
Photo and text copyright 2023 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Tom wrote:
A right-on message, especially as we get up in years. On August 3rd, Alice was late getting home from an appointment. When I thought to check on her whereabouts, I discovered that she had texted me two hours earlier that she had been hit by a car (while walking downtown). Of course, I was shocked, but my first thought was on the bright side: Well she's alive! She's walking again after 7 surgeries and a lot of grit. Definitely something to celebrate. And it's made us both more attentive to our mortality.

Ernestine wrote:
I understand the practice of saying "I love you” when my husband and I depart from each other to do our menial responsibilities during the course of the day; but my joy comes when my great-granddog greets me when entering my home. She is so excited to see me. It's just another kind of love displayed and much appreciated.

Elizabeth wrote:
As we grow older — I’m too quickly approaching the end of my eighth decade — we come to understand more fully how fragile our lives are and the lives of those we love. You captured that feeling so well in your text and in the photo of the dog’s expression. WOW!

Nicole wrote:
Aww, I adore your pup. She’s so cute! Lovely message, too.

Holly wrote:
What a beautiful pup!

Sybil wrote:
Well said. We do the same…

Saundra wrote:
This is so lovely…

Alice wrote:
Love the photo and the sentiment. Perfect for Valentine's day.

John wrote:
What beautiful words (and picture). Thank you, Danny. A comment on what marriage is.

Bernadette wrote:
Beautiful! AND funny!

Craig wrote:
Really nice Danny. I think this dog is the breed that was used for a scene in Shakespeare in Love. He was laying on stage next to an actor who was propounding something from Romeo and Juliet I believe. The dog's expression was hilarious, esp when played against the soaring poetry….. Now this is the difference between dogs and cats. You'd never see "the Author's Wife’s cat fervently waiting the joyous moment when her mistress returns…." You wouldn’t see that from a ferret either...

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