Photo Prayer 2022-18 -- Where Is God?

Twice, in the second chapter of Jeremiah, the Houses of Jacob and Israel are chastised for not asking “Where is God?” It is a question of the moment, asking us to look around. It is not so much an acknowledgement that we have lost track of God as it is an exhortation to look, and to continue looking, for a living being who wants to be found. God is not some kind of refreshment we can store away to pull out when needed. We cannot store up the living water for some future time when we might need it. We cannot connect God’s grace to a spigot, a faucet that opens a reservoir we have stored up for ourselves. When we are in need, we need to find God anew. Where is the spiritual water springing up now? Where is it flowing? I love the idea that we need to search, trusting that God wants to be found.

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Photo of Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania. Text based on the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 2.
Photo copyright 2021; text, 2022 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Burley and Helga wrote:
Thank you for your photo prayers and your wise words.

Tom wrote:
Great message, Danny. Thanks!

Anne wrote:
Brilliant essay and photo Danny. A wonderful continuation of the importance of [the] Advent-ure.

John wrote:
Beautiful photo and wonderful thoughts. Thanks, Danny.

Larry wrote:
Great photo, great prayer. Keep up the good work. Come visit sometime.

Karen wrote:
Thank you for your email, love the message. I often remind myself that if it weren’t for trouble, sometimes people would not seek out God. I do not know how a person exists without believing in God, I rely on Him and He is a forgiving God and a gracious God! Have a wonderful December, lots of love shared throughout the month leading up to Christmas!

Nicole wrote:
Beautiful photo and prayer! I was at Bushkill Falls a LONG time ago.

John wrote:
Very thoughtful and compelling. Thanks Danny.

Bernadette wrote:
This is phenomenal -- a definite Keeper. thank you so much!!

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