Photo Prayer 2022-15 -- Grant Me Understanding

“Grant me understanding that I may live.” I love this saying, the last half of verse 144 of Psalm 119. It promises that, if we can understand, we can live. Of course, people go on breathing even when they do not understand. I know. I have been doing it for decades! But when I do not understand, I do not breathe easily. I am anxious, not even half alive. Failure, suffering, even death can come at any time, and I worry. I am hunkered down. Celebration and joy are far off, a distant vision. This verse is reassuring. Indeed, all of Psalm 119 points to joy and celebration as a result of understanding. “I will thank you with an unfeigned heart, when I have learned your righteous judgments.” “Open my eyes, that I may see…” “Your promise gives me life…” “Your word is a lantern to my feet and a light upon my path.” “My lips shall put fourth your praise…” “My tongue shall sing of your promise…” (Please click here to read the rest of this essay on Psalm 119 and two who memorized it.)

Photo of the author ready to go to a funeral, eyeball-to-eyeball with his dog.
Photo and text copyright 2022 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Debbie wrote:
Loved your commentary on Psalm 119 -- informative and insightful - some reminders that I need right now, so I feel blessed. And, a cute dog to boot!

David wrote:
Faith is the necessary leap. Jesus said so.

Audrey wrote:
LOVE this photo Danny‼️

Susan wrote:
A third person [who memorized Psalm 119] is my first cousin Lois Marshall Clark. She is a missionary kid grown up in Peru. Married w children to a priest in the reformed Episcopal Church of England… whatever that might mean to anybody who might care. Love the tear jerking pic. Thank you. Grant me serenity and understanding.

Elaine wrote:
So true. Thanks Danny for the reminder.

Alice wrote:
Wow! Wonderful picture and the text was very inspiring. How was the picture taken since you are in it? [DANNY REPLIED: I took this selfie with my cell phone’s camera, my awkward right arm out to the side. The pixel-quality is sub-par but the image is what I was wanted. ]

Bill wrote:
Great photo! Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post material. [DANNY REPLIED: I do admire Norman Rockwell’s art, so I am pleased with any comparisons.]

Donna wrote:
Love this!! The eye contact is perfect.

Emily wrote:
Love this!

Tom wrote:
I chuckled when I saw this duo. How many shots did it take? [DANNY REPLIED: This is the best of two or three shots. I could glance over at the phone to check the framing and then back into my dog’s eyes.]

Walter wrote:

Craig wrote:
Danny, NEVER get your picture taken with a dog! I learned this a long time ago. Comparisons are inevitably made…. never to your satisfaction…..

Pamela wrote:
What a wonderful photo and thoughtful writing! You have given me really something to stay mindful of and brings me peace. I love your photo prayers all give me pause and reflection.

Dennis wrote:
A wonderful image. Thanks for brightening my day.

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