Photo Prayer 2021-46 -- Creekside Detour

I thank God that checks needed to be signed for my village or I would not have found myself walking near the creek. How could I forget how much I love to stroll alongside it? Here the water is in no hurry to reach the sea and, with those checks signed, I was in no hurry to get home. I let myself amble. “Look at me!” cried the deep blue of the reflected sky. “Look at me!” shouted the fallen yellow leaves. My eyes could barely keep pace with their demands, yet there was no sense of urgency or anxiety, only pleasure as I stepped over roots and, here and there, left the path to peer over the bank. I will go back, I will. Having been, I will again. My computer screen won’t miss me.

Photo of fallen leaves and reflected trees in Naamans Creek, Arden, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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John W. wrote:
Beautiful reflection (and a reflection on a reflection) — Thanks!

Marina wrote:
Impressionist tones reveal a floating sky of forest primevals. The colors captivate and yes, I could look at this forever.

Royster wrote:
And the people all said "Amen, Amen!" God's limitless, inimitable paint brush to thrill and delight us. Wonderful picture and reminder. Thank you, Danny!

Dave wrote:
What a wonderful line - “the water is in no hurry to reach the sea”. I want to be that water – so much ahead but content to sit here and now. If you don’t mind, that may wander into a song somewhere down the road :)

George wrote:
Danny, Thank you much for your photos and prayers, they help me. We are heading off for our trek at Brandywine Creek State Park to walk the ridge trail at Thompson’s Bridge. By the creek and a few hundred feet above the frenetic activity all around us , for a few minutes anyway. Take care and hope to see you at the dinner.

Christina wrote:
A+++ for beauty and reminders to stop the other stuff for awhile and return to or find anew a soul-satisfying view. Thank you!

Elaine wrote:

Martha wrote:
Thank you once again Danny! I love seeing the world through your eyes and it gives me hope. Happy Advent!

Kathy wrote:
Nature always calms!

Emily wrote:

Nancy wrote:
Oh how you have captured beauty and reminded me that it is so important to take time to enjoy nature. Each day unfolds with different beauty if we take time to look.

John J. wrote:
Wonderful Danny. But don’t stay away from the computer screen too long — we need to receive these from you!!

Susan wrote:
Love this. Thank you.

Ellen wrote:
Just lovely.


So perfect in loveliness and the reminder to take thee outside of the ordinary and routine and dismal everyday at least for a brief encounter with what is all around us!

Love it!

John C.
Very nice pic amigo though me or l pretty much not around scenes like that as doing much needed matters of this planet and soul.

[orange maple leaf with a red stem and smiley face]


Its the little things...

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