Photo Prayer 2021-44 -- Ripples

The child kneels at the pond’s edge. He does not yet know what he can do with his hands and fingers, but he is learning. Thrashing them back and forth, he joyfully troubles the water. Ripples spread to the farthest corners. Reflections of the sky, the clouds, grownups, even his own image morph, separate, roil and collide. What power! What delight! Our world is full of people new to power, people just learning what happens when they move their hands, who happily watch as their waves radiate out to the far corners of the world. Meanwhile, Mother Wisdom hovers over them, eager to see them learn. O Lord, let them learn quickly. We in the lifeboats, waiting to be rescued, are feeling a little seasick.

Photo of a child at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania.
Photo copyright 2016; text, 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Deacon Dotte wrote:
Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving and stuff the bird, NOT YOU.

John S. wrote:
Great photo and text! [DANNY REPLIED: Glad you liked my photo and text. It is the text that takes the work, but it is usually rewarding work, the prayer often taking on a life of its own as it is written. Then I find it difficult to say if I wrote it or it just came to me.]

Diane-Louise wrote:
Especially powerful.

Georgina wrote:
Ripples is lovely!!!

Bernadette wrote:
Love this one, Danny! I am partial because Ripples by Genesis is one of my favorite songs. [DANNY REPLIED: “Ripples” by Genesis is not a song familiar to me, but it will be. One of my favorites is “Ripple” performed by the Grateful Dead. Very different lyrics.]

John W. wrote:
Thank you Danny for sending out your ripples!

John J. wrote:
Wonderful photo and VERY nice riff on it!!! I’m definitely becoming seasick and hoping to be rescued by this new generation learning to experience power. I hope Mother Wisdom is working toward that rescue through this new generation in ways I cannot now see or understand.

Linda wrote:
This is beautiful — I love the photo and your words. Bless you for sending these poem prayers to us!

Esther wrote:
This is an excellent photo, Danny! [DANNY REPLIED: The photo is from a workshop that was led by Robin Davis. See: ]

Kerry wrote:


Gloria wrote:
Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne wrote:
Beautiful photo, beautiful prose!

Hugh wrote:
Such a great image!

Susan wrote:
The lifeboat image is powerful.

Carolyn wrote:
Or he may just have sticky fingers from that goodie he just ate. 😊

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