Photo Prayer 2021-38 -- Hernandez Cafe

Let me explain. This is what Hernandez Cafe looks like, or did in 1976 when I drove past it, my camera held high out the car window. The camera collected light for two or three seconds between the time I opened and closed the shutter. The camera — and the image inside it — turned and shook as the car turned and my hand shook. That’s the explanation. It’s a simple explanation, but hardly satisfying. I still remember a sense of revelation when I developed this film negative. I still feel I am seeing into the hidden nature of a lonely intersection, uncovering a previously unsuspected dimension that was there the whole time, unseen. It makes me wonder what other marvels are there waiting to be found, just under the surface. If I found this surprising concerto of light hiding in the midnight streets, there is no end to what waits to be discovered.

1976 photo of Hernandez Cafe, Attayac & E. 6th Streets, Austin, Texas.
Image copyright 1976; text, 2021 by Danny N. Schweers

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David wrote:
Wonderfully stimulating!

Ellyn wrote:
I love the “awe” in the recognition of the possibility of what is there right in front of us, obscured by our tunnel vision. And the expanded possibility of what is inside of us, always present, but not yet “lit up” to its full capacity!

James wrote:
Good question for the secular materialist: if all that exists is the nature we can account for with the equations and forces etc. of physics – and most of those are recently apprehended (<300 years) then did all that not exist previously to the physical accounts?

Cecilia wrote:
I totally love your b&w Austin photo, the blur of lighting, and the explanation that goes with it. It is magical and poetry all at once.

Stephanie wrote:
Ah, if only we could open and close the shutters of our mind as we travel along and turn our corners. What wonderful shapes and images we might see. This is a very dynamic photograph and should remind us that there are different ways of looking at things. In today's polarized world, I try hard to see things from another point of view, but am seldom successful. The camera doesn't have the burden of preconceptions. It's magic.

Kerry wrote:
Very cool image!

Julie wrote:
There is a great deal of research going on about our Multiverse, and String Theory about the interconnectedness of where we are with the hidden dimensions all around us. You have captured its essence, I think, in this photo.

Ernestine wrote:
That is so revelational because we know there are things in this universe that are unseen by the human eye but when we unsuspecting take even a picture, something is revealed to raise our own consciousness. Makes you say, “Ahh, that is beautiful.”

Hugh wrote:
BEAUTIFUL! Light is time and no point is fixed - anywhere.

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