Photo Prayer 2021-19 -- Extraterrestrials

Things are not what they seem. This light pole looming over us, for example, could be an extraterrestrial being in disguise, one of many watching patiently, learning about our habits before suddenly and swiftly taking over our planet when we least expect it. That’s how we often think of aliens — sinister, hidden in plain sight, eager to dominate us, evil. Because things are not what they seem, what we imagine often reflects our fears more than our hopes. Why, I imagine this light pole could just as easily be an extraterrestrial Christian. Christianity, I imagine, has already spread across the universe at warp speed. I imagine aliens often make pilgrimages to the Holy Planet, to the birth place of Jesus, eager to see creatures made in the image of God, people inspired by the Holy Spirit, united in praise and good works. Like our own pilgrims to Jerusalem, they expect to visit a holy place of peace and good will. They visit and are troubled.

Photo of a light pole near Blue Ball Barn in Alapocas Run State Park, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2021 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Nicole wrote:
You always know how to turn something ordinary into extraordinary, Danny!

Stephanie wrote:
Well, yes, they would definitely be troubled. As many non-aliens are. Actually as many non-Christians are. The world we live in is depressingly short on praise and good works. But we keep putting one foot in front of the other in the pursuit of compassion and kindness. If a light pole can inspire you… so be it.

Bill wrote:
Good one this time. Striking image and a great hook at the end of the text. Thanks.

John wrote:
Danny, this is great!

Sybil wrote:
Troubled or horrified?

Ernestine wrote:
This is a beautiful message. Thank you ☺️

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