Photo Prayer 2020-50 -- Electrical Outlet

Ready and waiting, electrical outlets shyly protrude from every wall in every room in every home and office. Often hidden behind furniture, their wires hidden inside our walls, their networks cover our continents. Who can resist their promise of power even if it means smoke stacks, open-pit mining, fracking, nuclear waste, gigantic propellers, and solar farms? All it takes is a neighbor’s falling tree to plunge us into the Stone Age. Then our prayers are for quick restoration, our lives in limbo until the lights again are shining, the fridge humming, and our devices recharging. How do the Amish do without?

Photo of an electrical outlet in slanting sunlight.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Pamela wrote:
😢, so true.

Ernestine wrote:
That is a thought for a small unobtrusive object that no one ever thinks about until we have need to use it. Good eye opener. God Bless.

Bobbie wrote:
It struck me that this is like our Lord, always ready for us, with power, sometimes seemingly hidden, but there ready to supply us with energy and power. We need only “plug in”.

Donna wrote:
I love this. You can find beauty in the most simple object.

John wrote:
Great photo and meditation! Always around, ready to help, easy to ignore — like God.

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