Photo Prayer 2020-48 -- Jack In The Box
by guest writer and photographer Rob Gurnee, Executive Director, Delaware Lutheran Community Services

I was running out in the country recently and spotted a jack-in-the-box toy randomly lying in the weeds by the side of the road. It was a simple toy most everyone has played with in their lifetime, either as a child or as an adult seeking to entertain a young one. Even though I knew the puppet would pop out of the box at some point while repetitively winding the crank, it always seemed to startle and surprise me when it did and made me want to do it again and again. Finding this Sesame Street version in such an unceremonious and unexpected place saddened me a bit. Had it been lost or discarded?
There are many things in life that manage to delight and fulfill me every time I experience them, over and over again. Watching my two sons grow up and interacting with them in new and different ways is always pure joy for me. Witnessing the goodness of my wife in all her different roles is a privilege. In my workplace, the heart to serve those in need among volunteers and staff, and the generosity of supporters, is inspiring. And God’s constant love and continuing forgiveness is humbling.
The importance of those things that give meaning to our life, that we look forward to, that make us whole, give us joy and sustain us, can easily be lost or discarded if we do not take the time to name them and give thanks. I pray for that awareness in myself and others. May we know our blessings, feel them in our bones, and live them with gratitude in our hearts and spirit.

Photo of a lost or discarded jack-in-the-box toy.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Rob Gurnee, used by permission.

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Lynn wrote:
Wow, a profound message from a simple Jack-in-the-Box—thanks!

John wrote:
A photo of fragility. What I'm normally attached to is easily lost. Help me be aware of the more durable things — God, Eternity, this moment. Thanks!

Esther wrote:
Beautiful piece, Danny. Thank you!

Alice & Harvey wrote:
Danny and Rob, this is absolutely beautiful.

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