Photo Prayer 2020-31 -- Change Thinking, Change Seeing

Recently, driving through Amish farming country, we winced at the repeated sight of hay bales set end to end, wrapped in long lumpy sausages of polyethylene resins. A philosopher would say our disgust is a matter of perspective, that, if we change our thinking, our perceptions will change; that once we understand the benefits of plastic wraps, they will look pleasing. See the alfalfa baled without waiting for it to dry! See the improved protein levels a year from now! See the lower spoilage rates! If that was all we thought, perhaps the sight of glistening white plastic tubes would be appealing. But we also think of the hazardous waste products in their manufacture. We wonder what happens to the plastic after the bales are unwrapped. What we think, what we see, worries us. Is there plastic wrap in our kitchen? Yes! God help us, we, the hypocrites.

Photograph of plastic-wrapped hay bales in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
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Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ernestine wrote:
Danny that is so profound. We can judge what others do but can't see the same thing in ourselves. Peace

Sybil wrote:
We long ago lost our deep connection to the earth, depending instead on man’s limited vision….. efforts now to go back, however small, are growing......

Bernadette wrote:
Awesome! Thanks Danny! Love the image too--

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