Photo Prayer 2020-21 -- Real Men Pray

Real men pray when the bullets are flying. Real men pray while running for their lives. Afterwards, alone in the dark, real men pray they don’t pass out from the pain as they dig out the slug with the pocket knife they always carry. Yes, real men pray when they are eyeball-to-eyeball with steely-eyed death, mano a mano with eviscerating evil. Otherwise, real men are confident, wise-cracking, and worldly, at ease in a fallen world. Some day I will be a real man. In the meantime, I pray all the time!

Self-portrait of the author showing how he writes these prayers.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Real women pray too, Danny.


This is great!-- Thanks Danny!

Thank you for your pictures & reflective prayers! I enjoy them all so much, Danny!

Lovely. Thank you

I Love this

Danny just love your brilliant work!

Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us!

Love your pic! Miss you!

You look like a medieval monk

An action shot!

Paula Hartzell wrote and drew:
About two years ago, I started diligently reclaiming my figure drawing skills. Until recently my sketching has been in local coffee shops. Since COVID-19, I've been sketching from the computer. I would have needed to work on toned paper to capture the wonderful halo that you have in your photo.

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