Photo Prayer 2020-06 -- Photoshop

  They took away my Kodachrome but gave me Photoshop instead. Now I can make the colors as bright and sunny as I want. The mute image now sings. The hidden is revealed. I think of Eliza Doolittle. She was a gem before Henry Higgins polished her and took all the credit, as though he were the creator. I know better. Thank you, Lord, when you give us eyes to see the amazing truth behind the ordinary appearance of things, the beloved soul behind society’s face.


Enhanced photograph of a tidal pool behind marsh grass in Prime Hook State Wildlife Management Area, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Dennis wrote:
Danny, lovely image and sentiment. Attached is a portrait of me that started out just an image of a ‘hidden gem’ until photoshop did its magic.! You wouldn’t believe all the facebook traffic I now get. [NOTE: Dennis attached a photo that looks just like the Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.]

Donna wrote:
Beautiful- love it!

Hugh wrote:

Esther wrote:
Beautiful words and image, Danny.

Tom wrote:
Well done Danny! You're right about Photoshop. Just the same, there's special delight in finding the color first hand. Love what you did with this shot. I don't know whether you splashed some color in there or just heightened what was already there. At any rate it looks wonderful! [NOTE: I did not add color to the photo, but I did amplify the color that was already there.]

Anne wrote:
This photo is beautiful - looks like U of DE colors - and I wonder what's below that water surface.

Shari wrote:
Great photo, Danny. Don't ever photoshop your beautiful smile, though.

Marti wrote:
Amazing & pretty awesome!

Craig wrote:
I think God gave us Photoshop too. The Lord taketh, the Lord replaceth….; Higgins really failed. He could never get a woman to be more like a man....

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