Photo Prayer 2020-04 -- Leaving The Movie Theater

There is nothing little about the young women portrayed in Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel, Little Women. With stout hearts, the four sisters face deprivation, disappointment, and even death. I, too, am one of four siblings. My father, career military, was often absent, on tour. Unlike the March sisters, we moved often, ten cities in thirteen years. Some day I will write a long novel about it called Navy Brats. It will sell millions and find a home in the hearts of readers everywhere. But first I have to write my first best-seller, a tongue-in-cheek self-improvement book called Things Left Undone.

Photo of five women leaving the Regal Brandywine Town Center movie theater,
Wilmington, Delaware after watching a screen adaptation of Little Women.
Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Rosemary wrote:
Just love this, Danny. We also moved our whole married lives: South Africa, Bangkok, Caracas ,and Shanghai. Too many moves, schools, hellos and goodbyes to count. I, too, would love to write an account of our amazing experiences. You’ll spur me on. We loved the rollicking Little Women, too.

Cecilia wrote:
Loved this photo prayer! We just watched the PBS 3-part mini-series. Excellent!

Roberta wrote:
Looking forward to your first book!

John wrote:

Julie wrote:
Oh, I hear you, Danny! You are spot on.

Holly wrote:
Ha! I’m a Navy Brat, too! When ten days old, drove cross country to SF and boarded ocean liner to Taiwan! Lived in Naples too.

Steve wrote:
That’s an absolutely brilliant title [Things Left Undone] for a book; whether a self-help work or even an autobiography! We say the words every Sunday in one context, but you’ve shifted the perspective in a very deft way. I hope you write it!

Ernestine wrote:
I'm waiting to read that book to compare notes.

Craig wrote:
Is there no place you don’t sneak your camera into? I think the title of that book should be I Spy!

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