Photo Prayer 2019-37 -- The Gates

The gates are open!
Let us walk through and join the others.
We go out.
We come back in.
We go out.
We come back in.
We go forth into the world.
We come back to what we know.
We flee for our lives.
We are welcome home.
We see what God has prepared for us.
We see what God has prepared us for.
The gates are open!

Photo of the northeast gates of The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island.
Photo and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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James wrote:
Drop kick me sweet Jesus through the goal posts of life.

Rosemary wrote:
Thanks Danny for the inspirational piece today. I am reminded of the Jellicle Cats, but with much higher meaning. How I love to wake up to your Photo Prayers.

Audrey wrote:

Kay wrote:
What a great image and message as we prepare to be witnesses to Maryann Younger's ordination. A gate has opened for the church for sure.

John wrote:
Great photo; great poem/prayer!!!! Copying Denison to see about sending this to our discussion group. The last three lines must have really pleased your editor. If someone locked me in the trunk of a car, I would start remembering these photo prayers — and this one would probably be first up.

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