Photo Prayer 2019-35 -- Winter's Praise

We come alive as the nights lengthen and temperatures drop. In the fading light, we see storm clouds reflected in the water’s frozen surface but our smiles are bright. Winter invigorates us! Icy gusts slap our faces! We hurry towards dinner, drinks, and animated conversation. We come alive! Have pity, Lord, on those in tropical climes, trapped on the enervating beaches of Key West, Jamaica, and Belize, those basking in sunshine, somnambulant, dormant. Forgive them, Lord, if they envy us.

Photo of clouds and a flock of birds reflected in a frozen pond in Central Park, New York City.
Photo copyright 2003; and text, 2019, by Danny N. Schweers.

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Harold wrote:
Danny, this image is fantastic! And the prose is so fun.

Tom wrote:
Nicely captured, Danny. This [photo] obviously took some anticipation.

Hugh wrote:
Ha, ha! Many thanks.

Donna wrote:
What a beautiful prayer! Good way to look at winter that I am dreading! I thought it was funny but it also is profound in that everything does have a season to appreciate and winter is invigorating ... well that’s one way to look at it after you are seven and sledding no longer holds that much appeal 🤔

Nancy (in Florida) wrote:
Love the photo. We had frost in the yard the last couple of mornings with the sun shining an it twinkling. Then just that fast it's gone. I have been in snow two times. It was fun to see and play in it. Snow skiing was a blast. But it's tooooo cold for me. It does make everything beautiful. But no envy here. Love my warm sunshine even on a winter's day.

Mariann (in Belize) wrote:
I've been living in Belize for about 4 years. No snow, ever! 😉 Beautiful prayer and beautiful sense of winter! I spent one winter in Alaska a few years ago and truly loved it. Being well-equipped is the key! While Belize does not have winter, we are currently enjoying a cool season, with a quilt on the bed and a light blanket close at hand. I can wear jeans in the morning without heat stroke. Early in the a.m. I turn on the overhead kitchen light to take the chill off. My very warm prayers for a beautiful winter for you and yours, companero!

Bill wrote:
Quite humorous, thanks. (From Austin Texas, where it’s sunny and the high will be 75 today.)

Francis wrote:
Wonderful, Danny! Thank you!

Kerry wrote:
This is dreamy!

Delia Christian (in Southern California) wrote:
I think this has become my new favorite photo of yours!

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