Photo Prayer 2019-32 -- Bread and Variety

No one wants the plainest of sandwiches — two slices of unadorned supermarket bread with nothing in between, with no fillings or spreads, just machine-made monotony. Sure, if two slices is all we have and we are very, very hungry, then two slices are a feast! Otherwise, we want variety — extras from garden, pasture, orchard, and ocean. We crave diversity. Our Father, give us today our daily bread and, if it pleases you, give us the bounty of your cornucopia — or make us very, very hungry.

Photo of bread slices drying before going into turkey stuffing.
Photo copyright 2011 and text, 2019, by Danny N. Schweers.

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Ellen wrote:
Is that a blood moon?
Deacon Dottie wrote:
Love the analogy of diversity. How strange that even bread is different and yet some refuse to eat of it.

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