Photo Prayer 2019-30 -- Possibilities Realized

Those of us blessed with over-active imaginations start pursuing three, four, and more new possibilities for every old one realized. We let them slide, seeds sown in gravel, quick to sprout, soon to wither. Huey Long’s last words were, “God, don’t let me die. I have so much to do.” Foolishly, he thought more time was the answer. I’m no fool. I don’t need more time. But what do I need? A mindset coach? New strategies? Priorities? Scheduling? One thing I am sure I need — prayers. Yours will do nicely.

Photo of the Gild Hall parking lot, Arden, Delaware, using a shutter speed of one-sixth of a second.
Photo and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Marti wrote:
I like this a lot, Danny! It’s like my Angel is rushing around trying to help me with everything I need to do! 😀😊😀😊
Ernestine wrote:
I needed those words of wisdom today. I will marinate on them and add them to my script. Thank you 😊
Royster wrote:
Danny, added you to my regular prayer list. I think I share your "malady". So far to go, so little time. God's peace, blessings and strength be with you. One of the best pieces of advice i ever got was "Schedule your priorities rather than prioritizing your schedule". Admittedly I am better sometimes than others about doing it but, when I am diligent about doing it, things work better.

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