Photo Prayer 2019-27 -- Lovable

God is perfect, not a perfectionist. Or will we say creation is equal to the creator? Better to say nothing. Let us say instead that God is not only loving but lovable. Are we not commanded to love God and our neighbor? That must mean that we can love both, that both are in that sense lovable. Actually loving them is another story, but it may be as simple as finding out what is lovable about them. We may not need to change, not much at all, only open our eyes, open our minds, and open our hearts. We may need to search. In the process, we may find that we, too, are lovable. And we may find that creation is closer to perfection than we had thought.

Photo of lovable toy ducks in store window in New Hope, Pennsylvania.
Photo and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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