Photo Prayer 2019-25 -- Not Forgotten

It does not take long to forget: dreams in seconds, names in the time it takes to hear them. I made an occasion of my baptism in the Pedernales River in part to make it memorable. Afterwards we gathered beside the river and had our picture taken, a memento. The priest, “Dutch” Stolz, had never blessed an entire river before, or waded out into waist-deep water in his clericals. I was expecting one dunking and was unprepared for three — one each for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I remember the occasion even now. My hope is more ambitious, not simply to recollect, but to dwell in the living word of God’s waters, a river never ceasing.

Photo of baptism of Danny Nelson Schweers in the Pedernales River at Cypress Mill Ranch, Texas.
Photo by Bob Haslanger on 5 November 1983. and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Maryann wrote:
This is awesome. One of the many advantages of adult baptism.
Dorothy wrote:
Oh, Danny — one of my favorite photos ever… and what a glorious day!!! Thank you for bringing this lovely memory to me today.
Kathleen wrote:
This is one of my favorite pictures of my entire life. Happy days when we actually had a group of friends who got together on a regular basis and all our friends knew each other. [DANNY REPLIED: Yes, one of my favorite photos as well. It hangs above my computer as I type this message to you.]
Rosemary wrote:
I see you, Danny!
Mary asked:
Which one is you?
Ron asked:
Where are you in this photo? Or maybe I just forgot what you look like? Or the heat dried everyone? Or a baptism by fire was next? [DANNY REPLIED: In the just to the left of center in front with a head of hair and a full beard.]
Ann wrote:
A beautiful place in time and yet everywhere.
Mary wrote:
1983! Danny this is a memory to be sure. Have you and Barb been watching the Ken Burns country music series? This ties in. Hugs. [DANNY REPLIED: yes, we have been loving the Ken Burns documentaries about Country Music on PBS. It is especially good to see the Austin scene featured and Willie Nelson in particular. Living in Austin for 30 years, I knew Willie was a big deal locally, but had no perspective of his standing in country music as a whole. Turns out, he’s a big deal. I last saw him at the old Austin Opera House, just down the street from where we lived, at a show with Johnny Gimble, Chet Atkins, and others. That was in the late 1980s or very early 1990s.]
Jane wrote:
Dutch was so special. I miss him. [DANNY REPLIED: Yes, Dutch was one of the inspirations of my life!]
Eric wrote:
Love all those people! No doubt Dutch accompanies us on the journey from the other side of the veil and blesses us still.
Ian wrote:
Wonderful group of people.❤️ [DANNY REPLIED: Groups seldom last. Of the 25 friends in the photo, I am still only in touch with ten of them. It did not help that I moved 1700 miles away from Austin, Texas in the Year 2000.]
Connie wrote:
So good to see these faces again. That was quite a crew!! [DANNY REPLIED: So glad you were one of them. Like me, you moved, but to the other coast!]
Bob wrote:
I just wish I could have been in the photo instead of taking it. [A FRIEND COMMENTED: Here is where Photoshop comes in!]  
Edwina wrote:
Great time, great pic. See many people I love.🙏❤️😍
Lloyd wrote:
“To dwell in the living waters of God’s Word, a river never ceasing.” A holy hope; a sacred intention. “May the Holy Spirit, who began a good work in you back there in the waters of the Pedernales, give you light and strength to carry on.” Amen.

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