This week’s insight, boys and girls, is that religion offers unity in the midst of separation. In the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, God is separating the waters, heaven from earth, stone from flesh, one creature from another. Soon Adam and Eve are separated from the garden, sent out of Eden into exile. Separated as we are from nature and one another, religion celebrates unity, that God is one, that we are with God and one another, that love binds us. Because we are separated, love is a struggle. We find it as a gift. We celebrate each person’s independence and freedom but we look for unity and peace; out of many, one; the whole more than the parts; not me, me, me and me, but us; not many random words but a meaningful story — ours.

Photo of Rock Creek Park seen thru the bars of the Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.
Photo and prayer copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Katherine wrote:

Kay wrote:
Beautiful and a great message for Independence Day!

Marti wrote:
I love the symbolism of your photo to “unity in the midst of separation.” Thank you for your gift to all of us of photography and insight in what you “see”!

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