The water’s surface swiftly responds to the least stirring of a breeze. What was a faithful mirror, true and flat, becomes a pattern of crazy dimples, curved reflections fit for a funhouse. Can I be just as responsive to the wind of the Spirit? Am I not 60% water?


Photo of reflections on the surface of a holding pond at the Wilmington, Delaware wastewater treatment plant.
Photo and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Rosemary wrote:
Magnificent, Danny. And what an image. Reminds me of DNA formations.

Hugh wrote:

Marti wrote:
This has become one of my favorites of yours, Danny! Thank you!

Kay wrote:
May I appreciate the cause and effect… Thanks

Nina wrote:
Lovely photo!

Thanks for your comments on my watery prayer. Of course, as good Christians, we want to have a flat and true surface to reflect God’s love, but that is not where writing this prayer took me. A wonderful poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, approved of dappled things, so perhaps he would think well of crazy dimples as the work of the Holy Spirit.

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