The red rusting steel stacks take on purple hues in the light of the sunset’s glow, hues like the colors of a bruise in the days after a bad fall. It is now 28 years since the last cast at Bethlehem Steel. People are still pointing fingers as if Americans in a fair fight cannot lose and cheaters must be blamed when we do. Look! Are we not alive? Is not every moment followed by another? Only God can hold them all while we must live them one by one. Look! Here comes another moment! Join me! Let’s explore it!


Photo of the remains of Bethlehem Steel from the Hoover Mason Trestle, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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Bill wrote:
I like the image, and I like “Only God can hold them all while we must live them one by one.”

Roberta wrote:
Great words, great photo, beautiful colors.

Donna wrote:
Love! And I love the way you see beauty in ordinary things. 👍

Thanks for your comments! It is not obvious from my photo, but the old steel plants in Bethlehem, PA have been turned into an urban park. What was a railroad trestle is now a 1650-foot-long 46-foot-high elevated walkway alongside the rusting structures, open 8am to 8pm Sunday thru Wednesday and 8am to 9pm Thursday thru Saturday. See:
Bethlehem and Allentown both seem to have bounced back from the steel mills' demise, with employment and income only marginally lower than the Pennsylvania average. Here is a link to an article by a former mayor whose words echo my prayer.
Don Cunningham says in part: “The key was not to fear the future – or fight it – but to build it. Change is life’s only constant. The Lehigh Valley understood that then, and we must remember it today. Humans often cling to a past that wasn’t exactly as we remember it while complaining about today and lamenting tomorrow. Yesterday is only more comfortable because it’s over, the future only scary because it’s not yet known.”

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