Walk with me along Route 13 from Bayshore Ford to the Golden Dove Diner. Walk with me and pray. Pray and give thanks for those working and shopping at the tobacco outlets and fast food franchises, the auto auction house and the payday loan stores. Pray and give thanks for those in the state hospital, the women’s prison, and county police headquarters. Pray and give thanks for those burying our trash at the Waste Management landfill. Pray and give thanks for the stinking man asleep at the bus stop. Delaware has some of the highest pedestrian death rates in the U.S. because so many die along this road at night. Pray and give thanks for them as we walk to the Interstate 295 overpass. Here the sidewalk ends and construction demands a detour. None is to be found. Climb over the barricades with me. Then, at the diner, thank God for the meal. Leave a big tip.


Photo of construction on Route 13 at the I-295 overpass, New Castle County, Delaware.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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Marina wrote:
Thanks for sharing your pilgrimage experience.

John wrote:
Great one Danny!!! Keep ‘em coming. I don’t know whether you are aware of the Westminster [Presbyterian Church, Wilmington] member who is now serving time in a New Jersey prison for his role as a lawyer in a pay day loan “scheme” that would have been completely legal in DE. So your reference to those who shop and serve at “pay day loan stores” was refreshing.

Rosemary wrote:
Danny, You make my Wednesdays. A holy man you are and one who constantly nudges us to be better. Shockingly beautiful.

Bill wrote:
Good one! Great sentiments. Thanks!

Mary wrote:
Grim! Reality. Thx. M

Elaine wrote:
Wonderful prayer, and photo, Danny. Sounds like an adventure!

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