No tears fall as I write this prayer.
Others, I know, are at the cliff’s edge
or have tumbled over.
You hear their prayers, Lord.
Their prayers are fervent,
heart-felt, desperate.
Not this one.
Even so, I know you are listening.
Let me listen as well, Lord,
me with the full belly, good health,
and money in the bank;
me with the loving wife and
my community’s respect;
me with the debt-free house and yard
on a sunny day in spring.
For a few seconds, Lord,
let me half-cock one ear
in your direction.
I will even turn up
my hearing aid!


Photo of a man walking to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Photo copyright 2017; text, 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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Kerry wrote:
Amen! You have a happy life - so good!

Maryann wrote:
Haha... I love the ending!

Bill wrote:
Funny. Thanks.

Tom wrote:
Thanks, Danny. An honest prayer that leaves me smiling. And the photo convinces me I need to try slower exposures.

Alice wrote:
Oh Danny... I love this prayer . It captures something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I (we) are so blessed. Even with all the craziness that we must endure , we are so lucky to have so much. [The] only tears that are falling are for others not so fortunate.

Betty wrote:
Love it … especially the last line. You are blessed, my friend, but sometimes it's all about a positive attitude and you have that as well.

Marina wrote:
Thank you for this one, Danny. I was diagnosed with cancer last summer. I’m still here and I’m still ever so grateful. PS When I remember to wear my hearing aid, I’ll turn it up as well

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