Where am I?
There are tracks that mostly go around my path,
but some go straight through.
Will the next one crush me?
I am far from home
far from those like me,
far from where I had purpose,
far from where I belong.

How I got here, I do not know.
Perhaps abandoned. Perhaps pushed. Misplaced.

Or is it
That I am not lost at all
But instead outside my comfort zone
Still capable of carrying
Forced to see beyond the tracks all around me
Asked to see the world in a new light
Invited to a journey I never imagined
and a life beyond my past experiences.


Photo of lost shopping cart in a snow storm..
Photo copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.
Text copyright 2018 by Maryann Younger.

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Bill wrote:
Wow. Great one this time. Thanks!

Donna wrote:
Beautiful image...so evocative. Love it!

Tom wrote:
What an apt message for these days! I can't believe how inhospitable our nation has become to refugees and immigrants. The poem reminded me of the people I used to visit who were confined behind barbed wire in a converted Nike missile base at the edge of the Everglades, just west of Miami. I was a part time chaplain to people who didn't have the necessary papers. Some were from countries that would not accept them back. They were in limbo, and confined for who knew how long. Jesus and his family were refugees. If they were to knock on America's door these days would we let them in?

Carl wrote:
This is one of my favorites Danny.

John wrote:
I love this. Thanks for sending.

Walter wrote:
Cool one, Danny. A funny comment on humans. No one stopped to pull the cart out of the street, so that no cars would hit it. Did you???? A new twist on Frost's "Road Not Taken." [Danny says: "Actually, that is a parking lot, a big one, and no, I did not pull the cart to one side out of traffic. For one thing, there was very little traffic with all that snow coming down. For another thing, I liked it right where it was.]

Craig wrote:
Ok, so this is a very cool shot….. I’m gonna have to think about this one for a while… Brings to mind those old time cartoons where one character is chasing another and comes to an obstacle in the middle of the road. He doesn’t go around it, but his legs expand and separate with cartoonish elasticity as they bow out and he goes over it, and keeps speeding down the road….

Deacon Dottie wrote:
Love the pic and the sentiment:

Elizabeth wrote:
This evokes an “Ah, yes” response! Thanks!

Nicole wrote:
Poor abandoned, lonely shopping cart! ;) Love this.

Audrey wrote:
I read this weekly reflection on a plane to Luxor EGYPT. Of course I did plan and book the trip but am traveling there alone and have had a few anxious thoughts and comments from those around me. When I committed to go it was for this very reason; to step out of my comfort zone. Nothing ventured is nothing gained Confucius said. Thanks. I needed this week's affirmation.

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