The day is coming and is now
when printed words and images —
marks on paper and leaves in books —
will be mere curiosity pieces
sold in antique stores
alongside tribal masks and
rusty signs for soda pop.
The day is coming, too, when
words and images on screens
will suffer the same fate.
Everyone will have iSight™ hardware
implanted in their optic nerves,
wirelessly connecting us
to the virtual world.
Even then, do not fear that
the Word of the Lord will be lost.
The Holy Spirit goes
wherever inspiration is welcomed.
Even now, it is at the door,


Slightly pixelated photo of a Holy Bible and Books of Common Prayer for sale alongside other objects in an antique store.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Rosemary wrote:
Gorgeous. Danny! Thank you.

Bill wrote:
Great one this time! Nice photo and an entertaining and mildly amusing text right up to the end, where it gives us a powerful shot of hope. Thanks!

Donna wrote:
Very cool the juxtaposition of all these items. And the images are so vivid. Love it.

Cecilia wrote:
I liked this one a lot, Danny.

James wrote:
Love the photo and the ideas but must quibble: the Holy Spirit being the third PERSON of the Trinity is a HE not an IT. Keep up the good work!! [Author replies: Yes, a person! So I changed "it" to "inspiration", a way of avoiding the debate of the sex of the Holy Spirit.]

Faye wrote:
Thanks Danny. Today's was especially appropriate. Sometimes I just need to turn off the news - no matter how interesting and just be.

NeilJeannie wrote:
I love this picture and the thoughtful, meaningful words. Thank you, Danny, so much.

Deacon wrote:
Sad but true.

Audrey wrote:

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