I am me, and we are us.
That is perfectly obvious!
I'm not you, yet we are us.
That is so very curious!
You're not me, still we are us.
The math is simply glorious!



Photo of the shadows of the author and his wife in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.
A version of this prayer originally appeared as Photo Prayer 2010-03.

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Comments from readers

Tom wrote:
Love the photo and the poem, Danny. Well done!

Roberta wrote:
What is that “stuff?”

Julie wrote:
How very "Seuss-ian" of you! Beautiful photo, too!

Craig wrote:
So, I was thinking the other day, before I saw this image… you know how totally obvious facts, things you’ve just taken for granted your whole life, sometimes suddenly are just intuited in a whole new way that carries a punch. I was thinking about what might be called our personal worlds, how my mind creates such a cacophonous explosion of images, feelings, dramas, thoughts, etc in a constant state of turmoil, unobserved but experienced in the most vivid way. Experienced EVEN WHEN I AM “ASLEEP”! Sheesh! And then, for some reason, I realized particularly deeply that the person standing next to me was in exactly the same boat with a whirligig carousel of fantasies, illusions, dramas, etc. I looked at that person and thought, “You too???” And then I looked around and everywhere it was the same. For some reason, at that particular moment, in that particular place, the fact that each and every human being inhabits this kind of personal universe, behind closed curtains, and who knows what’s going on on that stage right now ... it was kind of overwhelming, and I just had a extremely hard time understanding how it somehow all manages to work. This observation may not be particularly deep, but sometimes it’s the simple things that hit home the hardest, right? And then I saw your image, and I thought ... Perfect! ... two dark stages, side by side, mysterious and extravagant.

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