We weary of our wanting,
wanting, and wanting more:
more food and less weight,
longer years and sharper wits,
more friends and fewer enemies.
For what then shall we pray?
Contentment? Thankful hearts?
Teach us first to love you,
creator of all things,
giver of all things;
to see the giver
behind the gift.


Photo of people cavorting in the fire hydrant spray
at the ACRA July 4th Games in Arden, Delaware.
This is a rewrite of Photo Prayer 2009-05 with a fresh photo from 2017.

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Comments from readers

Kerry wrote:
Lovely poem and so true!

Emily wrote:
Love this!

Alice wrote:
Really like the prayer. Sometimes we do not know what to pray for. There's just a "wanting" or a longing. Loving God can fill that hole. Glad your photo prayers are back.

Katherine wrote:

Royster wrote:

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