Photo of white tulips at night in the yard of an old woman, a Jew,
who escaped the Nazis with her family just before World War Two.

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Comments from readers

Kerry wrote:
Love love love this one Danny! Wouldn't this be a fun thing to try with our photo group?

Theresa Knox <> wrote:
I have a friend who currently is in so need of these words. It's unbelievable how timely your prayer is. My friend is a God-fearing woman who loves the Lord. She is experiencing some emotional pain at this time… I'm certain your words will provide some much needed comfort.

Larry wrote:
Glad you are far more optimistic than I. All there seems to be is darkness coming out of the region south of where you and the lovely Barbara live. I am not very optimistic.

Julie wrote:
My brother shared this with me this morning, and I instantly thought how the tulips and your lighting resemble a painting by one of the old Dutch masters. The words brought me to tears, exhausted as this present world is. Thank you for your beautiful tulips.

Steve wrote:
I always look forward to your photo prayers. This one is particularly elegant and lovely. Thank you for your ministry!

Elisabeth wrote:
Your poem and the photograph were just what I needed this morning. And tulips are the flowers that I love the best because as they age and die, they do not merely fade, but show forth a new and different beauty with every change in the shape of their stems and the colour of their petals. They are beautiful to the end. God bless you,

Royster wrote:
Very nice. Have you ever thought about starting a greeting card line with some of your photo poems This would be a wonderful "Thinking of You!" card. [THE AUTHOR REPLIED] Yes, I printed a thousand cards a few years back. Half were purchased by Westminster Presbyterian Church here in Delaware. I still have some left. I should print more, with new images, and give people a chance to buy them.]

Dorothy wrote:
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you!

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