Photo of a living plant with large, multicolored leaves. Those who comment tell me it is Swiss chard.
Photograph and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Tom wrote:
I appreciate this message on the day after. Thanks, Danny.

D-L wrote:
This helps a great deal. Thank you.

Donna wrote:
Beautiful image and we certainly need to hear this sentiment. Very healing and soothing words.

Heidi wrote:
Thank you for this one. Wish it could get Wiki-leaked!

Faye wrote:
Looks like Swiss chard. Any errors in spelling or word choice are strictly Siri's fault.

Bill wrote:
I think it is Swiss chard. But what are the white flecks? Good poem, given the election results.

Lynn wrote:
"Differences" is certainly an understatement. It remains to be seen which version will show up for the task, but if they can keep him on the teleprompter and off Twitter, that should be a good start.

Anne wrote:
Danny, thanks for this reminder today. We are better together, if we don't let our differences divide in an irreparable way. Oak leaf hydrangea would be by guess re the leaf. I so appreciate the way you remind us of our big, bold, beautiful world.

Craig wrote:
Buddhists say it’s all One.
At that level all difference disappears.
Or rather, the differences make no difference.

Pat wrote:
Is this Swiss chard?

The author replied:
This plant was photographed at Longwood Gardens. The prayer was written the day after Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States.


On Thursday, November 16, this photo and prayer went out in an email blast from the Austin Sun and was posted on its website. See:

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