Photo of the bottom of a stainless steel bowl after I had popcorn in it
and something popped into my head.
Photograph 2002 and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Comments from readers

Marina wrote:
I thought it was a tennis ball hurtling through space at 127.4 mph ala Venus Williams!

Ron wrote:
This photo really leaves an impression! The residue in the bowl almost has a flattening effect.

Ellyn wrote:
I really love this photo. Would not have recognized it as the bottom of a stainless steel bowl … after popcorn. Your thought of “I” versus coming from Source is powerful. Our egos causing the separation. Hopefully we do fertilize these ideas we call our own for the betterment of this earth and humanity.

Lynn wrote:
Fun abstract--I think you should do a whole show of "Guess what this is!"

Pat wrote:
I'm enjoying your gift, your imagination and ability to see a picture anywhere in this beautiful world God has given us. Thank You for sharing,

Sandy wrote:
Just beautiful, Danny.... Thank you so much!

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