Photo of a ladder in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.
Photograph 2015 and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Alice wrote:
Especially love this one. Geoff and I have climbed a similar ladder in New Mexico . We did fine climbing up. Not so good climbing down! I love both the photo and the poem. I just want to go there again. Thank you.

Pat wrote:

Another Pat wrote:
Love any picture with clouds. They are a source of comfort to me.

Craig wrote:
Very nice. I was dying to be able to shoot around the pueblo at night…. that would have been something, esp with a full moon….

Cora and Wayne wrote:
We climbed down into this pueblo last yr. Thanks for the wonderful pictures & poems!!

Tom wrote:
What a contrast between your hopeful, poetic message and what your image called up for me, a dark image save for the sky. You see, recently I read in the Smithsonian magazine about the battle of the Somme in WWI, when tens of thousands of soldiers climbed up just such ladders from dark trenches and went over the top and to their deaths.

Even in the murderous trenches of World War I, the joyous promise was there to be seen. The worse I seem to face each day is email lobbed at me instead of death.

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