Photo of Bancroft Mills, Wilmington, Delaware.
Photo and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

A photographer, Steve Boyden, , wrote:
I've followed your weekly photo prayers for a couple of years now, and every week it is a joy to see it in my inbox. This week's is the best yet: both the sentiment and the photograph. Thank you for your ministry!

Jen Mason, the owner of Biblion Books in Lewes, Delaware -- -- wrote:
My favorite-ever of your photo prayers, Danny - every bit balanced to perfection - thank you!

Bill Meacham -- a philosopher at -- wrote:
You describe a classic Buddhist meditation (except for the God part) and Sufi as well.

Barb wrote:
I don’t get use of the word filigree -- “ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery”. Other than that, I like it. Reminds me of what the park ranger [in Ken Burns’ National Parks documentary] was talking about when seeing the bison in the snow in Yellowstone. Very powerful.

Tom wrote:
Wow, fabulous photo and poem! Zen-like, the poem. Good job, Danny!

Binkie wrote:
Great poem, Dan’

Diann wrote:
Great photo and good words!

Shari wrote:
Wow, Danny. That picture is a visual metaphor and should be an album cover.

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