Photo at night while standing at my kitchen sink.
Photo and prayer 2016 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Bill wrote:
Photo at night while standing at my kitchen sink … of what?! Very nice, by the way.

Mary wrote:
Thanks Danny - amazing what one can see from the kitchen sink window.

Craig wrote:
Driving home on New Year’s Eve [in Arizona], I caught a very strange sight: the half moon rising over the horizon. Not being a night owl, I’m rarely up — and outside – when the half moon rises, which is in the middle of the night. The moon that rose that night had its crown missing; i.e., the top half of it was gone! I’d never seen a moon with the top missing. I later realized that, as the moon tracked across the night sky, the shadow would kind of rotate so that the missing half would then appear on the moon’s side, not the top. It was only a matter of coincidence that I happened to catch a view of something that has happened at least 12 times a year for every year of my life.

Christina wrote:
This is great, Danny! Spontaneous and complex all at once, verse and photo together! Thanks for sharing it.

Maybe I need to do a whole series of “Photos While Standing At My Kitchen Sink”. Here are links to two other "sink" photos.

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