Photo of a red wooden shed on the north shore of Cape Breton Island, Canada.

Photo 2010 and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Mary wrote:
Wonderful photo and words. Thx Danny. Merry Christmas!

Katherine wrote:
beautiful shot, Danny!

Marina wrote:
O come let us adore! Happy Christmas, Danny! And may the new year bring peace and plenty!

Alice wrote:
Yes... I would join you there in a heart beat!

Cookie wrote:
It looks like a secret project is going on there. I hope they are working on world peace. Maybe it all boils down to that. New person can make a difference.

Pat wrote:
Oh, Danny, such a happy photo, and corresponding prayer. I had 14 vacations on Cape Breton Island and enjoyed each one of them. This is a typical sight there, which makes lovely memories come flooding back. Thank you for the reverie and the happy prayer.

Lucia wrote:
I want to live in that city, Danny. Plenty and peace? Sign me up!!

Craig wrote:
So in Bonaire, right next to the beach and the salt works, there are a handful of little buildings such as this, maybe smaller, build of some kind of masonry. They’ve been repainted for the eyes of the tourists. They are the bungalows of slaves who once worked the salt marshes of Bonaire, for both the Spanish and Dutch. One little cottage by the beach holds elves, the other slaves. From the outside, who would know?

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