Photo of stuffed animals ready to go to Goodwill.

Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers

Ellen wrote:
The chicken incident was one that occurred in my husband's family, too. Oscar, the pet chicken, ended up as dinner one night. I guess that's why my husband does not care much for a chicken dinner. It's so nice to think of all the children who will enjoy their teddy bears.

Pat wrote:
How very poignant, made more so because of circumstances in my own life!

Lucia wrote:
Sweet and gentle love for these teddies. Very lovely.

Nancy wrote:
Reality and the truth often hurt. Very well done, once again, Danny.

Peggy Hartzell wrote:
Thanks for the sweet teddy prayer. Just took a photo yesterday of my mother’s worn blocks and her teddy bear. [See above.] She was born in 1908 and lived to be 94. When she had dementia and I was caring for her here at home, I sometimes tucked her in with a couple soft stuffed animals because they seemed to fill some spots with softness against the brittle bones and thinner skin. The bear and blocks are over 100 years old. I did a series of photo collages about my mother and approaching the end of life with ancestors appearing here and there. [See below.] It was a little like an old paper doll/ play book. Here a couple of the photos. She’s 94 looking aback at here self at four. When I first started to take care of her I put “wings” on her so she wouldn’t fall over:) Too bad we don’t just sprout a pair when we reach 90. Click here to visit Peggy Hartzell's website of alternative photography, Holga images, and Polaroid Transfers.

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