Photo of bright yellow Norwegian Maple leaves in late October, Arden, Delaware.

Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Comments from readers.

Dennis wrote:
I've been a sycamore all my life.

Tom wrote:
Wow, gorgeous yellow! And I love the irony of the last few lines : )

Loretta wrote:
You really captured the light that these reflect. I love them too. I love the vivid orange ones. A good one is on Veale Road.

Alex wrote:
Your Prayer made me think of this, lyrically of course.

The Norway maple is indeed invasive,
growing faster than all around it,
taking over where others inhabit.

They shade out the other plants
who are helpless to stop
their heartless advance.

It's true, they don't quite get
how they affect the majority
of the surrounding understory

The Norway maple will always encroach
as we the people live beyond reproach.

But I just can't help thinking
Someday, somehow
all us people just might be cut down

Yes, the Norway maple is surely invasive,
and guilty of growing tall,

But as a species, someday we will fall,
because we are the most
invasive of them all.

—Alex Rudzinski, 2015

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