Plaza Blanca canyon, Abiquiu, New Mexico My guide and I were in a canyon
— Plaza Blanca — when
black clouds moved over us.
The wind picked up.
The temperature dropped.
We ran.
As we got to the truck,
the storm broke.
We had miles of dirt road and
six low-water crossings before us.
Soon the arroyos will flood.
Hail will cover the hills.
Lightning will become
our familiar companion.
Through it all, I remain
confident in my guide.
We arrive safe and dry
to dinner and our lodgings.
So may it always be.
Lord, give us confidence
in our guides
and give us guides
worthy of our trust.

Photo of gully washer approaching Plaza Blanca canyon near Abiquiu, New Mexico.
Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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