Photo and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers

Janet wrote:
Thank you. Pretty powerful exhibit, isn’t it?

Pat wrote:
It is sad that most of the photographs deemed to be prize worthy are taken of tragedy. What does that say of us as humanity? Why can we not see joy, love, kindness as also prize worthy? So many of your photos depict the beauty or the goodness of life, Danny. I much prefer them.

Larry wrote:
As usual, excellent photo. I particularly like the fellow who is split by the glass wall and the reflection makes the back of his head into a “Hilteresque” mask. Keep up the good work!

Mary wrote:
Oh Danny. You prompt such great questions. Last night at book club (Auschwitz Escape) we pondered a similar question - could this happen again. And everyone said yes - and it led back to your question - are we all passive observers to horrific deeds, and by observing acquiescing? Strange fruit, we humans. Happy Spring to lighten such serious ponderings.

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